A view of the Cathedral from the front

Welcome to the website of the Dunblane Cathedral Society of Change Ringers.

This website provides details of change ringing in Dunblane. If you are a ringer or interested in becoming a ringer please come and visit us at our Wednesday practice night.

We ring the bells regularly for the Cathedral services and also for special occasions such as Weddings.

Dunblane Cathedral is on a Christian site first established by Saint Blane around the year 600. A stone church was built on the site of the Cathedral in the 12 th century but only small amounts of this remain. However the four lower storeys of the tower date from around this time. The upper storeys of the tower were added in about 1500. The majority of the Cathedral dates from the 13 th century but by about 1600 the roof of the nave had fallen in. This part of the church was roofless for 300 years although the choir was maintained and used continuously over the centuries. In 1889 restoration work on the whole Cathedral began. Not long after this the current bells were installed in 1908 as a chime.

A photo of the tower
The tower showing the older lower storeys

Dunblane Cathedral is a parish church of the Church of Scotland but the building itself is owned by Historic Scotland.

A view of the Cathedral from the side